The early years

The early years

It all started with the thought, "there has to be something better out there". I was a wedding planner for over fifteen years. I always wore a suit just to have more pockets, even if it was for a 100 degree outdoor wedding. 

I cringed when my colleagues suggested wearing a fanny pack. There was not anything out there that made sense and was still fashion worthy. But, I still needed to carry a few supplies with me. The words, "Do you have a bobby pin?" meant a trek across the lawn to find my supply case on my already exhausted feet. After three sleepless nights and many pots of coffee, our first belt was born. Our belts are the perfect marriage between fashion and function. We have gone beyond belts for just wedding planners. All of our belts are made with genuine leather for both beauty and durability.

Our home is in Minneapolis, MN where our belts are created. MP Bastian is a family owned business where we all have a job. Our three grade school/middle school/high school age boys have to sort hardware and assemble boxes. It makes sense since MP Bastian is a combination of their names: Mikolas, Sebastian, and Pavel.