Not So Pansy Gardener's Tool Belt in Brown Leather

Not So Pansy Gardener's Tool Belt in Brown Leather


Not So Pansy™ was requested by a winery/vineyard owner. First off, she couldn't find an attractive "tool belt". They have an on-site restaurant and she didn't want to look like a hot mess going from the vineyard into the restaurant where the diners are enjoying their meals. Second, it seems so little, but she couldn't find a tool belt with a pocket large enough for her pruners to be put away OPEN after each use. She needed to clamp them shut every time. Um, annoying. Sometimes, it’s just the little things.

P.S. Try the Briana wine. It is amazing! Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery.

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This amazing belt is 1.25" wide to keep the belt fashionable and light weight. Not So Pansy™ has four, large sliding pockets. You can adjust them to be closer to your front when you put on a thick coat or push them to the back when you know you will be bending over quite a bit that day. Each large pocket is 5.25" wide by 9.5" tall. Each small pocket is 4" wide by 7.25" tall. Pockets can be slid off of belt and flipped to accommodate lefties. 

 Not So Pansy™ has one pocket that can hold a pair of gloves. The holes at the bottom of the pocket are oversized to let air in the assist in drying the gloves but also let dried dirt drop out. Two loops for small tools are available on the outside of two pockets. An elastic band on the outside of a pocket is available with three slots for easy access for zip ties, bandages, etc. One pocket is intended for a cell phone and a snap flap has been added to ensure your cell phone doesn't fall out. The outside of this pocket has a carabiner for easy key access and a chap stick loop! And, bonus, one of the pockets is sized for you to be able to carry your pruners OPEN. You don't have to close them each time you put them in the pocket. Our belts are measured in inch ranges. Email us if you need more than 68" in length. Feel free to tuck in or cut off additional length after belt is adjusted. Do not cut too close to buckle and slider. Tools not sold with belt. Pockets can be slid off and rearranged to accommodate lefties. Pockets can be changed around for different positions. Not machine washable. Wipe clean with slightly damp cloth. Leather is stain and water resistant for durability and lasting wear. Two year warranty on manufacturing defects. Allow 3-5 days production time.